Meet Crispy CranbakerCrispy Cranbaker, adored for his famous Cran Cakes, has a generous and friendly spirt. Crispy's Bakery on Rosecranz Lane is world renowned for his crantastic Cran Cakes, for the taste and the smell. Every morning when Crispy bakes his cakes, the aroma travels around the world. It is every Cran's dream to one day travel to Cran Diego to taste the cakes and be part of Cran Diego's growing community. He is a mentor to his younger Kitcheners, teaching them his newest recipes, and occasionally throwing in some advice on life and love. Important business happens at Crispy's. The Council of Cranz meets regularly to discuss Cran relations and Cran Diego development.

Meet Cran StrollingCran Strolling is the youngest of the Cranz. He can't walk yet, but he manages to escape from his crib before dawn. All by himself, he strolls down Rosecranz Lane to Crispy's Bakery. He plans to be the littlest Kitchener to learn the art of baking Crispy's famous Cran Cakes. Although Cran Strolling has a vision and works hard, he is a troublemaker, always pulling pranks on Crispy and his Kitcheners. Crispy finds his pranks amusing, but Cran Strolling runs the risk of pushing Crispy too far.

Meet Shalom, the PeacemakerAmong the Cranz, Shalom is the peacekeeper. He listens to Cran disagreements and advises cordial relationships between historically contentious Cran tribes. For his many peacekeeping efforts around the world, Shalom serves as a board member on the Council of Cranz, a position elected by the Cran populous. Shalom is a goodie two shoes, always one to do what is right. In his time away from his post as peacekeeper, Shalom maintains his health by stretching and practicing yoga daily. As part of his practice, he uses incense and essential oils.

Meet Pinky CrantuckyPinky Crantucky is originally from Crantucky, but has recently immigrated to Cran Diego, Cranifornia to be closer to the Council of Cranz. She is raising her daughter Cran Bow to follow the Southern tradition of pageantry. Pinky keeps with tradition choosing to be a homemaker and head of the Cran-T-A at Cran Bow's school. She always takes a moment to listen to the neighborhood Cranz. At Pinky's place, at risk Cran Kids have a special place to spend their afternoons, where they bake and craft with her.

Meet Cran BowMeet Cran Bow. This pint size Cran is sweet, polite and adorable. She says please and thank you, and uses Mr. and Ms. when talking to her elders. With the support of Pinky, her southern belle mom, Cran Bow loves competing in pageants and throwing the baton. She is always dressed to perfection with her signature side bow.

Meet BowtieBowtie is a dapper young fellow. At school, he accessorizes with a snazzy red bowtie and a pocket protector to match. He wears his hair parted and slicked to the side. He loves reading Science Fiction, playing on the computer and gaming. He is serious, nerdy and absolutely oblivious to Cran Bow's not-so-secret crush. Cran Bow and Bowtie are best friends and science partners. You never know if these two Bows will one day tie together.

Meet T.D. aka Tie DyeT.D. aka Tie Dye is one cool Cran kid. He is the grandson of Shalom the peacekeeper. And, one of Cran Diego's best musicians. At Crispy's Bakery, he loves to be seen strumming the guitar and writing catchy tunes.

Meet Amelia CranheartAmelia Cranheart travels the globe in her red airplane. For any Cran who wishes to immigrate to Cran Diego, Amelia Cranheart provides safe passage on her chartered Ameri-cran Airlines. She always wears her flying gear, signature goggles and matching leather jacket. When traveling abroad for peacekeeping negotiations, Shalom flies with Amelia.

Meet Captain CrandonCaptain Crandon patrols the coast of Cranifornia in his tugboat. He makes sure the capitol of Cranz is safe from invasion and pirating. Captain Crandon keeps calm and doesn't lose his cool, unless Sir Crabbe Cran Pirate is near. Both Sir Crabbe and Captain Crandon want to dominate the seas. Captain Crandon knows Sir Crabbe has a good heart but can't stop his thieving ways. As young Cran Kids, they were archenemies, but as adults they have come to respect their differences. Sir Crabbe and Captain Crandon, frequently meet at Crispy's Bakery with Shalom and the Council of Cranz to resolve disagreements. There is nothing that a batch of Cran Cakes and Shalom's wisdom can't fix.

Meet Sir Crabbe Cran PirateSir Crabbe Cran Pirate controls the sea. He wants to do what is right but he only knows how to live by his fist. In the past, Sir Crabbe and his crew resorted to kidnapping, looting and ravaging towns along the coast of Cranifornia. In recent years, the Council of Cranz and Captain Crandon have joined forces to thwart Sir Crabbe's domination of the sea. Upon negotiating an extensive peace accord, Sir Crabbe has seen the error in his ways. Sir Crabbe is conflicted because he was born into the pirate life, but knows coexisting peacefully is best for the Cranz to flourish. For Sir Crabbe, the quest for gold and Cranifornia dominance continues...

Meet Olivier the FrenchCranOlivier the Frenchcran is new in town. He joins the cast at Crispy's Bakery for his morning coffee and croissant. He can't help missing home and French patisseries. The Cranz welcome him to Cran Diego with open arms.

Meet Carlos CranriguezMeet Carlos Cranriguez. A regular at Crispy's Bakery. He can smell Crispy's Cran Cakes across the border. Every morning he wakes up to the aroma and heads out to meet Crispy and the crew for his morning cafe con leche.

Meet OranginaMeet Orangina, lover of the sea and all of its Cran creatures. She loves to scooba, deep sea dive, surf, swim with the whales and play beach volleyball. As a conservationist, Orangina champions clean water and beaches. You can find her laying on the beach and watching the surf. She maintains her flawless bronzed tangerine color all year long.